As of March, 2015

1.  Members:  If you need an e-mail account @NSEA.com, or if you need passwords for the web site, call Randy or e-mail either Randy@NSEA.com or Info@NSEA.com.

2.  Next Major Public Service Projects:  Multiple Sclerosis Tour de Farms 2015, on Saturday, June 27th and Sunday, June 28th.  Centered around DeKalb, Illinois.  Evanston 4th of July Celebration, Saturday, July 4th.  Any radio operator available to help with either event, any portion of any day, is encouraged to participate.  Advise net control or e-mail Randy@NSEA.com.

3.  Net check-in by e-mail:  If you are unable to check into this net by radio, whether out of range, or because you are using an FRS Radio that can't transmit into the repeater, you can still check in via the internet.  Send an e-mail to "Info@NSEA.com" with your check-in info. Make sure your e-mail arrives no later that 15 minutes before the net.  GMRS licensed operators may identify with their assigned unit number, or, if none, their FCC Call Sign.  Unlicensed FRS operators may identify with their name and town, or any other identifier they choose.

4.  Check the Expiration Date of Your FCC Call Sign:  Make sure it's not due to expire soon.  The fee is now $90 for five years, and if you don't renew in time you will loose your call sign and have to get a new one.  Lately the processing time has been running less than a week for electronically filed applications.

5.  Next Meeting Info:  Monday, ______________, Hackney's at Lake Avenue and Waukegan Road, Glenview.  Alpha room in the rear, conversation and dinner at 7:00 P.M., meeting at 7:30 P.M.

6.  Volunteer as an emergency radio communicator:  Sign up on the NSEA contact list for severe weather alerts and notification of communications emergencies.  Participation is purely voluntary.  Notify Net Control or send an e-mail with full details to Info@NSEA.com.

7.  Try your hand at conducting the Net.  Any licensed GMRS operator who wants to gain experience conducting the NSEA Weekly Radio Net may arrange to do so.  Notify Net Control or e-mail Info@NSEA.com.  We will set you up to work with with a regular NSEA member to conduct a future Radio Net.

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